Monitoring Personal Finance


Ironically, people who maintain official finances meticulously often pay very little attention to their personal finance at home. Unless you are an accountant, you might find the process of keeping financial records very tedious and confusing. Nonetheless, it’s best to act fast and monitor your personal finance to avoid problems creeping in at any time.


The most important aspect of your personal finance is tradelines. Your credit score, often a mystical number of much confusion, is critical to your success in the financial realm. Without a respectable credit score, you will be unable to borrow money or obtain a home or vehicle loan. This number can literally hold you back from completing your goals and can severely limit your future.


The credit in your name has a direct bearing on the credit number. Thus people who do not use their credit cards properly and have huge bills running in their names lend a bad streak to their credit. A point to be noted is that it is not the amount you charge but it is the amount that is kept on credit that poses the threat of being harmful. It is important to keep a check on the monthly statement and you should endeavor to pay it in full each month.


One of the major problems faced by the society is identity theft. In case someone steals your identity he has the capability to destroy your finances, ruin your credit as well as damage your name and reputation. There are certain measures that you can take to prevent such a case. These measures include, screening all your financial statements and protecting your personal information zealously.


It is advisable to take control of your personal finance situation. Start investing in a retirement fund today. Take care of today, and plan for tomorrow. Don’t postpone saving towards retirement until a later date. You don’t want to be caught unawares by your fast approaching retirement date and no retirement fund to rely on.


A budget is an excellent tool for any individual looking to curtail spending and control his or her finances. In order to begin your budget, create a column for your income and another for your expenditures. Take out items such as a rent or mortgage payment, car payment, insurance, utilities, and food. The end amount is your monthly excess that can be used in a variety of different ways.


In case you feel uncertain of how to go about settling your personal finances yourself then you can consider hiring an accountant. They will be able to tackle these problems as well as take care of any potential problems that they feel they can foresee.


Although  treading the financial domain at first might seem like an intimidating proposition, but it is nothing to be scared of. Tradelines  for sale and work towards rebuilding or smoothening your credit scores.

Human Resources Challenges

Every organization undergoes from success and failures in a society. The problem of every organization is the hiring process or ineligible people on job and lack of efficiency in work. All the process of recruiting people for different jobs is the duty of HR manager, so all the complaints from the officials are for HR professionals because they are the one who is questionable for dull performances of employees because they recruited them.  Here is how to prepare and ace your next job interview.

You get complaints from CEO and the other managers and even from the employees these days, moreover, your job is at stake every time because being an HR manager, it’s not an easy task as you have to take the whole company’s reputation with you. With the progressive competition in industry, there are plenty of challenges for the human resource management, which they have to face in future.

Retain talented candidates 

In near future, the basic challenge for the HR professionals will be retaining talented a well-performing candidates. It is going to be the most challenging task for the managers to decide that who should be rewarded or who should be punished because the market competitiveness is growing and the efforts to establish loyalty among employees is expected twice in extent.

Healthy and Cooperative corporate culture 

It now has become a deciding factor to create a healthy cooperate culture. The competitive environment and industry are demanding more and more by the companies to grow which directly or indirectly affects the organization culture. It is becoming tough and really a great challenge for the organizations to come upon it.

Attract top talent to organization 

During the recruitment process, the candidate tries to sell himself to the interviewer, just like that the recruiters also need to sell themselves as the candidate. By the growing competition, talent shortage is a great alarming sign for the companies as the every company tries to bring the best talent for themselves. For that purpose, the recruiters have to develop a healthy corporate culture to attract employees who are best for the organization.

Flexible environment

The employees nowadays, demands for the flexible environment to do the work where they are free from fear of their CEO and they want to have a friendly environment where they feel fresh while working, it could be a positive sign for a company because when employees are forced to work but they are appreciated for their work also in a friendly way they will work with more dedication. The creation of a flexible environment for the employees is quite a tough job to do.

Transparent work culture

It’s a fact that the maximum organizations fail to establish a culture of clear and transparent work communication or open leadership which somehow affects the employee morale. Companies have to remove the communication barriers to conclude company’s grow and progress.

Future Leaders: A great challenge

Nowadays, employees try to perform their best to build the future pillars of the organization. Because of such thing, it is becoming tough for the recruiters to retain the best candidates and then to promote them on higher posts.

Business Partners For Business

In today’s changing business trend when competency is changing very fast across continents, various decisions on products and services is one of the most integral part that decide the success or the failure of the organization.

Today we have elevated from simple concepts of distributor to Business who are not only an extended part of your organization but also one of the cardinal associates who will see you through the dynamic changing market across continents.

The main purpose of the business partners is not only to promote sells, communicate information, and distribute product or services but also to add some value to the organizations growth and success. Both the vendors and the business partners propose various schemes to initiate the growth in the business and ensure profit making..

Always there is a mixed opinion about the Business partner models. According to some it enhance growth in business in a short span of time, whereas according to some it’s a long time business gain for which mainly medium size companies always look forward.

There is lot of news and resources are available on leading Business partners these days.

From where new things can be learn about top resellers programs and business partnerships from many technology vendors and equipment manufactures that even include big names like HP, Cisco and IBM etc.

There can be a many forms of Business partner. Starting from small and medium business to large companies, and they can provide various types of solutions.

There is Industry solution for small and medium scale industry, there are this easy scalable hardware, middleware, services and financing solutions, all those are designed and priced for midsized businesses. Then they are having solution for security and business continuity, IT optimization, Green IT and information management which ensure the better prospect for the business clients.

Increasingly mid market companies seek trusted, local experts with access to industry-leading technology and insight to help them upgrade their IT infrastructure.

These days the multinational companies are looking for unified communications (UC), implementation and integration.

Even for this all multinational companies are looking for Business partners from where they can earn maximum business even at the times of financial constraint.

What Makes HR a Good Business Partner?

It’s been said that over the past decade Human Resource Professionals have made a great deal of progress becoming a business partner and adding value to the business.

If you know what it takes to be a good business partner then you can build the skills and capabilities you need to be that partner. It is because Human Resources has so much more to offer than hiring, firing and paying people you must continue to make the effort to develop your capabilities, especially if it means you ‘get a seat’ at the business table and become the ‘go to’ resource for creating change.

Let’s look at some examples of what makes a good Business Partner:

1. Remove distractions (transactional work) – This is not easy since a lot of data is required to manage the various people systems and much of it needs to come from an employee or their manager. But, if you look hard enough there are probably things that could be eliminated or simplified to reduce time and effort. Often the additional transactions can come from process that aren’t connected and require the same information. Remember Sales people are employed for the primary purpose of selling – not to spend a disproportionate amount of time doing administration.

2. Simplify the work in HR – This will help you make more time to be the business partner you need to be and help the balance of the organization. How long since policies have been reviewed for consistency and relevance? Do you have consistent single processes (like the concept of the single sales forecast) for activities such as recruiting, training, etc.

3. Be the expert – It’s hard to front up as a credible business partner if you are not the expert on the policies, processes, programs etc. within the HR Function. That does not mean you need to know everything, you do need to know where to get the right answer from in situations where you don’t. Make it easy for the business to come to you for advice and information.

4. Help them be better people managers – The most pressing needs in an organization are typically lack of engagement, poor communication, ineffective performance management and lack of awareness about easier ways to do their work. Eventually the results of all of these issues will end up in your lap to ‘fix’ so why not get ahead of the game.

5. Understand the Key Business Drivers – This is a basic requirement. You must understand what the business is, it’s goals, the key strategies and measures and they they work together to deliver the business, etc. So that you know how you can best contribute. An earlier newsletter on Finance Skills discussed this in more details.

6. Be a ‘mirror’ – Being a good business partner does not mean always agreeing with them. Sometimes it’s your role to say No or disagree because often no one else will. This is about being respected, not about being liked (that would be a bonus!). You have to be aware of what is really needed, not just what they want.

7. Understand the concepts of Sales and Marketing – The core concepts of sales and marketing (negotiation, positioning, brand identity, messaging etc.) all apply to HR. Understanding and applying these will not only make you more effective it also demonstrates you can ‘walk and talk’, the language of the business. This gives you credibility as well.